Saturday, March 5, 2011

+++ TiEr 1 HR SeRvIcEs aDvIsOr +++ # 2 #

Vigneshwaran Loganathan - senior yg sgt cool!!..
punya tahap kesabaran yg sgt2 extraordinary & sgt helpful juga..
I can't thank him enough!
x sempat jumpa last day aritu..=/

YO!!!! How are you cikgu??? Don't worry about not seeing me on your last day. I am pretty sure all of us will meet again.

At times I do wish I had the chance to go back to school and layan some studies. But I may be a little too old for that...

Its hectic back in the office with alot of new things to learn and the challenges are pilling up.

You would have been amazing in our team, but I think that teaching is your thing.... You have such a great persona and i know that the students in our country would definitely benefit from your caring nature.
Good luck with the new role ok! and make sure you stay in touch!!!!

Signing Off


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